Indo Intertex Exhibition 2018

Jul 2, 2018 Posted by: admweb Internal

Hi there, we are back with 2018 INDO INTERTEX!
This year the exhibition held quite early from 4-7 April (usually end of April) 2018, and Peraga Expo as the organizer still choose Jakarta International Expo as the venue. For INDO INTERTEX exhibition, they choose Hall A and we are at hall A3 no 128.
With total 558 m2 area, we show all of our products include the newcomers from HD, BEDOLY, ROTONDI, WILLCOM and GBOS. They are the expert in their machine specialization. We choose “Always at your side” as this year theme means that our company BROTHERSINDO will always be here to provide you with all the solution you need for your problem.
For 4 days, we got around 250 visitors from all Indonesia area, and some of them are so excited about seeing our newest machine and product. They said that “this is the machine we need to improve our productivity and increase our efficiency”. All of our marketing and sales team are always ready with all the product information you need and don’t worry because we got both sales and mechanics in all of our 9 branches so we will serve you faster.
That’s all for this year, see you on 28-30 March 2019!

Brothersindo Team